Frantz Ward LLP is a full service law firm located in Cleveland Ohio.

Frantz Ward attorneys operate at the forefront of the cannabis space and are uniquely situated to advise clients on every aspect of operating a legal cannabis business, including federal, state, and local regulations, and the current conflict between state and federal law. In addition, our attorneys counsel employers, physicians, governments, and others on the impact of Ohio’s medical marijuana law and cannabis policy generally.

Medical and adult-use cannabis markets have, up to this point, been the primary focus of investment and government regulation. But the changing laws relating to industrial hemp and its derivatives will soon create an even more expansive industry.

Industrial hemp, adult-use and recreational cannabis markets are attractive to investors and entrepreneurs. It is essential to have the right advice to navigate the complicated legal framework associated with these emerging industries. To that end, our attorneys provide counseling and representation on all relevant legal issues, some of which include:

  • Policy and legal advice relating to industrial hemp and development of CBD products
  • Advice regarding the impact of conflicting federal law on proposed business models
  • License procurement for cannabis cultivators, processors, dispensaries, and testing laboratories
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Banking and financial arrangements, including compliance with federal and state banking regulations
  • Corporate formation and governance
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions
  • Securities compliance
  • Real estate, land use, and zoning
  • Cannabis product packaging and labeling
  • Insurance coverage
  • Physician and health care entity compliance
  • Intellectual property and licensing agreements
  • Employment and Human Resources assistance for non-cannabis employers
  • Interaction with local governments with cannabis-related moratoriums
  • Defense against actions brought by law enforcement or regulatory authorities
  • Representation in civil litigation arising out of business disputes or product claims

Our attorneys have spent years building relationships with policy makers and industry stakeholders both in Ohio and throughout the country to stay current in this ever-changing legal landscape. We follow the developments at the state and federal level, including from the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohio Board of Pharmacy, and Ohio Medical Board. Frantz Ward attorneys are regularly asked to speak and participate in industry conferences, and we belong to several cannabis-specific associations, including:

  • National Cannabis Industry Association
  • National Cannabis Industry Association of Ohio
  • National Cannabis Bar Association


DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that nothing contained in this blog is legal advice. This blog is intended to simply provide general commentary and analysis on cannabis law and policy.