The Cannabis Conundrum

Below is video taken from a March 2011 symposium held at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law on the subject of legalizing medical cannabis in Ohio.

The Cannabis Conundrum: A Symposium on Legalizing Medical Cannabis in Ohio

The symposium featured Ohio State Representative Kenny Yuko, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law professor Stephen Lazarus, Cleveland Clinic physician Mellar Davis, Michigan physician Jamie Hall, and Michael Cohill, who was involved in drafting the Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment ballot initiative for inclusion on the Ohio 2012 ballot. The participants discussed the implications of legalizing cannabis in Ohio, as well as the effects of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act and its impact in that state.

Ohio 7th District State Representative Kenny Yuko introduced House Bill 478, which would legalize in Ohio the use, growth and dispensing of medical cannabis for persons suffering from debilitating conditions including cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease. House Bill 478 is not unlike other medical cannabis laws passed either through legislation or by referendum around the country. Medical cannabis is legal in Michigan, which provides an intriguing opportunity to see how medical cannabis legislation works in the Midwest.

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